Chances are you’ve put off therapy for some time. I get it. We question whether it’s safe to open up or if it will help. We think we should be able to figure it out on our own. The truth is, it’s not that easy. A mind that won’t stop, self-doubt, feeling stuck and anxiety can be so overwhelming and confusing.

If you are here, you listened to your instincts and are one step closer to feeling more clear, self-assured and connected. It is possible to achieve your heart’s desire and I have the education, training and life experience to help you get there. Call, text or email me today for a free phone consultation, more information or to set up an appointment.

I look forward to talking to you soon,


I offer the following:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy will provide you with the opportunity to speak openly about your fears, struggles, and hopes.  Read more …

Couples Therapy

Are you questioning your relationship or having a hard time connecting?  Read more …

Adolescent/Teen Therapy

Are you struggling with your teen? Many teens need help navigating emotions and dealing with anger.  Read more …

To schedule an appointment or for a free consultations please call 310-482-1199