Individual therapy provides you with the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about your thoughts, feelings, fears, struggles and hopes. The focus is you. Together, we will find existing strengths (that you may not even know you have right now) to create a life that is meaningful and makes sense to you. Individual sessions are 50 minutes and are usually held once a week.

A meaningful life involves relationships that feel good. Therapy can lay down the path to better relationships. When we choose to show up in our own lives and self-reflect we can discover new responses for old relationship challenges. We can achieve greater ease when relating to loved ones and develop stronger emotional connections.

What should I expect from individual therapy?

In general individual therapy should lead to a deeper connection to yourself, which will extend out to all other aspects of your life. You can expect from me a commitment to finding out who you are, what matters to you and how to integrate those things into your life. My style is relaxed, proactive and engaged and I feel honored to be able to do what I do.