Most people have thought about seeking individual therapy for some time but have put if off. We wonder whether it will really help or if it’s safe for us to open up. We think we will eventually figure it out on our own. But the truth is it is not that easy. A racing mind, always feeling tired, aches, tension and unhappiness can stem from many things that are less obvious, multi-faceted and sometimes completely off of our radar!

What should I expect from individual therapy?

I have found individual therapy to be tremendously helpful in deepening your understanding of who you are vs. who you believe you “should” be. You can speak openly and honestly about your thoughts, feelings, fears, struggles and hopes. What we do in therapy depends on what you bring in and what your current needs and wants may be. I may help you to decrease anxiety by paying attention to the body. We may grieve a loss or an absence. We may look at how to strengthen your sense of self, increase boundaries, and build resilience. We may discover new responses to old relationship challenges. Don’t let your anxiety and fear build to the point of resentment and burnout. It’s possible to feel more self-assured and achieve greater ease when relating to loved ones vs. waiting and hoping for an outcome. You are here which means you listened to your instincts. You are now one step closer to a life that looks and feels like the one you want and deserve. Call or text me for more information or to set up an appointment.